We are happy to re-launch this Master Class in Peru – taking place in around the Sacred Valley in Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire surrounded by incredible nature and ancient sites in the Andes Mountains.

This is going to be something remarkable – taking your Stifinder training to a new level and elevating your understanding of yourself as an authentic leader. Our strong connections to carriers of ancient Andean wisdom and well-tested setup creates a unique learning environment.

Focus for this Master Class is essential disciplines for leaders to create the transformation needed for you, your organisation and team.

`Authentic Leadership´ is about personal integrity and willingness to expand capabilities in yourself and others.

We invite you to a living indigenous culture that retains wisdom and teachings capable of awakening parts of our essential selves that Western Culture ignores or discourages. `Authentic Leadership´ is intense training in being mentally and spiritually fit to navigate the massive changes, we all know the world is facing in the years to come.

"Think with YOUR heart,
feel with YOUR mind..."

About this master class

`Authentic Leadership´ is about becoming alive and fully thrive, not only in your work, but in your heart and spirit. The purpose is to increase our capacity to lead with and without authority, across boundaries, and from any political or organizational position. This requires putting yourself on the line, questioning the status quo, eliminating blindspots, and moving beyond limiting attachments.

The indigenous people in Peru are profoundly related to the powers that flow through every fiber of the living web of life on this planet. It is not a romantic fantasy to say that their libraries are the mountains, the rivers, the winds, the stones of their sanctuaries, and ancient history – still embedded in their daily life and routines.

As human beings and leaders we have abilities to lead, see, feel, know, learn and navigate in the world in ways the modern civilisation is only now beginning to remember. These leadership abilities are crucial in the changing times and new organizational paradigms that lie immediately ahead of us.

The ancient traditions represent ways of being and knowing that are useful for practicing true leadership in the future. Research in Western culture is only recently starting to understand the wisdom, power, adaptability and creativity of living systems and networks. This Master Class is a practical, intellectual bridge between insights of indigenous cultures and the modern western world to come.

In short, we invite you to discover perspectives on leadership and life that you are unlikely to find at any university or your next business conference.

Leadership disciplines

The area round Cusco is a true power spot. We are going to work intensively with the stunning nature and the ancient sites, that both the Incan Empire and civilizations before then have cultivated over thousands of years. As part of the programme we are going on an excursion high up into the Andes mountains which are tremendous sources of power and energy.

Some of the leadership disciplines we are going to practice intensively:

  • Agility – practices of adapting to a constantly changing reality.
  • Communication – a powerful new language to create change in your professional and private life.
  • Commitment – the joy of really stepping up and into your full potential as a leader and human being.
  • Collaboration – engaging and empowering people, creating a hub for high performance and true leadership.
  • Purpose – taking great leadership and organisations to the next level.
  • Courage – how to lead in an authentic and effectful way.

Sign up

We are pleased to invite you to a powerful community of indigenous people which we have created strong connection to over many years. Together we will explore ancient teachings and wisdom. 

Date: 17th – 21st March 2025.

Location: Cusco and Sacred Valley area in Peru (1,5 hour from Lima by air).

Base in Cusco: Willka T´ika resort.

Price: 40,000.00 + VAT, including accommodation and meals. Not including flights. 

Participants to take care of travel insurance.

Facilitators: Christer Zäll, Puma Quispe, Carl Hyatt and Nicoline Zäll.

Sign up terms:
When you sign up you will be charged an advance payment of DKK 15,000.00 + VAT. The amount cannot be refunded or transferred to another person. If you choose to cancel you registration, the advanced payment will not be refunded. The remaining amount of DKK 25,000.00 + VAT will be invoiced nine months before the start of the course – and this is also the deadline for canceling participation.