News! Stifinder - Audiobook

– About the coach Lasse Zäll and the art of Transformation.

by Kim Hundevadt. Narrator: Morten Thunbo.

You can download the audiobook here.

How is it that people – and businesses – sometimes work so well that the big results seem to come by themselves? And what can we do to create this flow in our own lives?

These are questions that have been included in the coach Lasse Zäll for decades. In this book, Lasse Zäll tells his story and gives you his answers to the questions.

Stifinderen is the story of a successful man who became wiser. Lasse Zäll has made a series of winners in the following areas: Business and the world of sport. The book provides a unique insight into his methods, and it contains a number of concrete tools to create positive change.

But in the shadow of a personal crisis, Lasse Zäll has also understood that success is not worth much if you lose contact with the most important things in life.

As a reader, you can mirror yourself in his life-wise stories. It touches the dilemmas we know from family, colleagues and friends. And it can be used as an inspiration for anyone who wants to work seriously with personal development and change processes in companies and organizations.

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