Transformative Leadership
Master Class

Iona, Scotland, October 2023

This master class is for you who is ready to go on a mind-expanding journey that starts with you and the path you have taken since Module 3.

Times of change and crisis calls for leadership that’s transformative and adaptable. Our decisions and behaviour constantly influences the world and people around us. This master class will give you tools and understanding in order to identify where you are sourced from as a leader and human being.

Practicing transformative leadership inspires people to perform beyond their perceived capabilities, and creates unexpected and remarkable results. Mastering the art of transformation is a powerful way to  enrich our environments, organizations, and key peers. 

We have gifts resting in our potential that we are yearning to manifest and bring back to our families, jobs, communities and even the Earth itself. This master class will be the opportunity for all of us to dive deeply into the true nature of leadership.

A special location for transformation

Transformative Leadership takes place on Iona – a stunning island in the Inner Hebrides, that for centuries has been an epicenter for transformation.

We invite you to this master class with a deep urge to share what Iona has to offer; both inward reflections, and the possibility of revelations.

Iona is a true power spot for training and cultivating this essential aspect of leadership. This tiny isle off the West coast of Scotland has drawn vikings, pilgrims, visionaries, saints, sinners, poets and composers since dawn of time. Here, the questing heart finds new depths and nourishment for adventures to unfold.

At the edge of the world, Iona offers the protection of quiet contemplation and the challenge of ecstatically wild natural beauty. Each reflect our needs and our capabilities. Here you can reconnect with your own deep stillness and reignite the vitality of your own personal sovereignty. 

Connection, Community, Creation

Transformative Leadership gives you the opportunity to work in depth with empathy, vulnerability, connectedness, purpose – and you will get the chance to examine what’s stopping you from making full use of your resources.

Iona will put our life and issues into perspective, therefore we are going to work intensively with the breathtaking nature and the ancient sites surrounding us. Some of the questions we will work with are:

– What is the life force that trustable leaders embody and transmit?
– Where and how do I hold back?
– What are the behavioral, mental and emotional patterns I’m ready to release? 
– How can I come into a more profound relationship with my own leadership potential?

We all have resources and abilities we have yet to bring forth. Some of those resources lie within and some are without. Some wait for the proper time and place, some wait for our own courage and maturation. Transformative Leadership offers tools and practices, exercises and challenges, designed to help ignite your latent leadership potentials.

This master class creates clarity about key areas in your professional and private life and empower your leadership for years to come.

Facilitator team

The facilitators of this master class are rooted in the Stifinder universe for almost three centuries. We are pleased to guide you through intense processes that will enable you to connect more deeply to the sources of your innate power as a leader and human being.

Carl Hyatt has been part of Stifinder since his first master classes in 2005. Carl carries a great wisdom of indigenous teachings and Western science and philosophy. Also, Carl is a fine art photographer.

Marc Drouin has lived with native Northamerican culture and traditions for more than 40 years. You know Marc from Module 3 on the Stifinder Programme. On this master class we bring his teachings to the next level.

Yvonne Larsen holds a major place in Stifinder running sweat lodge ceremonies for more than 25 years. Today Yvonne is further integrated in Module 3. Yvonne has a profound and sincere ability to create personal transformation through coaching sessions and ceremonies.

Andreas Papadakis has practiced the Stifinder ideas for 20 years and facilitates vision quests. He is an educated body therapist from ManuVision. Andreas will be providing treatments to create real transformation from within.

Mikkel Schjøtz, who many of you know from Module 2, is responsible for security and various exercises that supports the processes and learnings. Mikkel has a rare gift in providing a space where each of us can relax, surrender and thereby expand limitations.

Nicoline Gaardmand and Christer Zäll from Stifinder will guide the process in order to bring your learnings from The Stifinder Programme to new dimensions – with the desire to create a master class that has a profound impact on you and your surroundings many years to come.

Practical Information