The Stifinder Programme

Leadership development since 1994

The Stifinder Programme is an intensive training programme for leaders, managers and specialists. Through the programme you will strengthen your leadership skills and your mindset so that you will be able to handle more complex issues in both your professional and your personal life.

Throughout the three modules of the Stifinder programme, you will go through a strong personal development as a leader. You will learn how to develop high-performance teams and meet important goals in your life. The programme represents a unique combination of theory and practical learning experiences and this combination creates a lasting effect that will benefit your organisation, people surrounding you and not least – yourself.

Over the years, we have trained managers from more than 900 companies and organizations in more than 20 countries. The participants are leaders at the strategic level, department leaders, team leaders, doctors, researchers, engineers, etc. They come from companies such as LEGO, Jyske Bank, Grundfos, Novo Nordisk, Andel, Novozymes, Egetæpper, Covestro, NNE, COOP Trading, Vestas, Ørsted, The Danish Hospital Service and many other companies.

EFFECTIVE leadership development

Leadership development with 2,500 trained Stifinders in more than 900 different companies

The Stifinder Programme is a training and development programme for managers, which has existed since 1994. Today, there are more than 2,500 trained Stifinders in more than 900 different companies in 20 countries.

The success of the Stifinder Programme is linked to the fact that Stifinders leaders are extraordinarily good at creating change and ambitious results in their organisations. This is partly because at the Stifinder Programme they have encountered a nuanced, future-oriented leadership paradigm, have gained a deep, personal self-insight and have come to clarity about what they want and how they will do it best in relation to the goals they set themselves. In relation to their relationships and projects in their organizations – and not least family and private life.

We hold the Stifinder Programme’s 3 modules all year round – and also hold an info meeting, which is free. You can get an overview of the calendar here and see when we hold info meetings and start a new team.

Personal leadership development through 3 modules

During the Stifinder Programme’s three modules, you will work with your personal leadership style as well as your managerial and personal behaviour. The goal is that you and your fellow students become strong leaders who proactively set and realize ambitious goals – we seek to give you the tools that suit your business and situation.

The Stifinder programme is based on transformative learning, which means that we at Stifinder work to develop your competences from the inside out, and thereby we see the core competencies.

MODULE 1: The Stifinder Strategy

In Module 1, you will be introduced to Stifinder’s toolbox, which you will have ample opportunity to train during the course. It is also in Module 1 that you set the direction for your personal development process, which results in a proactive action plan for the process towards achieving your own ambitious goal.

MODULE 2: High Performance Teams

In Module 2 you get to use the tools from Module 1 in more complex contexts. You will gain new insights and learn to develop high-performance teams – not only in theory but also in practice.

MODULE 3: Authentic leadership

In Module 3 you will learn to handle change processes and to define leadership behaviour. This includes psychological and mental barriers and limitations.


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