The Stifinder Programme

The Stifinder Programme comprises three connected modules each of 4-5 days. You will gain knowledge, experience and insights, and you will have time to practice and train your learnings between the modules. In this way, the 3 modules and the periods in between create a continuous development process. The training will take place in plenary sessions, in teams and in periods of individual reflection. In addition to the training facilities, we involve the surrounding nature.

As preparation for Module 1 we ask you to bring a comprehensive and challenging case that you will be working on through the course. In that way the Stifinder Programme becomes a sort of training camp where the introduced methods and processes can be put to practical use in a specific case concerning you as a leader and the current challenges you are facing.

In order to gain the optimal outcome of the Stifinder Programme, we recommend that you complete all three modules over a period of 8-14 months.

Module 1

The Stifinder strategy

In Module 1 you will be introduced to the Stifinder Toolbox, and there will be ample time to practise using the various tools over the four days. Likewise, you will define a direction for your personal development. Likewise, you will define a direction for your personal development. You will draw up a proactive roadmap for the process leading to your goals. The roadmap will serve as a guide for your development through the Stifinder Programme.

You will be working with proactive thinking and planning and learn to turn your focus away from problems, barriers and limitations and over to finding the courage to be ambitious and see possibilities and new pathways. As an essential skill you will learn to define an attractive future goal and work to achieve it. You will learn that the proactive approach helps you solve your tasks efficiently and with focus.

You will also learn to develop high-performance teams that are able to achieve ambitious goals – quickly and with good quality, high motivation and at lower costs. Having led or been part of a high-performance team once, this will be a standard you will strive for in your future endeavours.

Through the module you will also be coaching other individual persons or teams. You will learn to develop and train the human attitudes and qualities that are needed in effective coaching. that keep them from seeing and realising their full potential. You will also learn how you can help others overcome their mental barriers



Module 2

High Performance Teams

In this module you will learn how to develop high-performance teams and you will be working with development, production and sales processes like in an everyday business setting. The aim is that your learnings can be transferred directly to your everyday tasks as a leader.

You will uncover personal resources you did not know you possessed. You will share the experience of creating impressive team efforts in demanding conditions. You will uncover a greater potential in yourself as well as in the people around you.

At Module 2 you will train your High-Performance Response – which is the ability to increase your own resilience to stress and achieve your optimal performance under difficult circumstances. During the four days you will be exposed to all the challenges and situations typical for long project processes: opposition, disagreement, conflict, confusion – but also solutions, enthusiasm, high performance and success.

Module 3

Authentic Leadership

Module 3 interlaces all learnings and insights from the first two modules. This module is an inner journey which is mostly about you and your future possibilities. You will go through a mental, emotional and spiritual development. You will be focusing on change and gain a deeper understanding of the mental and emotional processes that make us humans think differently and react in different ways when faced with challenges – and learn in different ways.

Module 3 will give you an insight in the native American Indian culture and their way of thinking through tools that can help you become more authentic and uncover your true purpose – a larger purpose in life.

At the end of the course, you will draw up a personal plan for a meaningful future. This will anchor the quality of the learning you bring home to your organisation.



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