Since 1994, Stifinder has contributed to the development of leaders and managers and the implementation of development strategies in Danish and international companies. We have wide experience in helping organisations, teams and individual persons develop through transformative learning processes and defining and achieving ambitious goals.

The vision of Stifinder is to inspire leaders to explore and challenge their own beliefs, behaviour and possibilities in order to strengthen their leadership and proactively define and achieve ambitious goals. For the benefit of their organisations and for themselves.



Lasse Zäll worked as a professional mental coach working with athletes during the 1980ies and 1990ies. He worked as a mental coach for the Danish medal-winning canoers Arne Nielsson and Christian Frederiksen in their golden world championship and olympic years. Subsequently, Lasse transferred his experience to the business sector and founded Stifinder in 1994. Through the years, Lasse has worked as a coach for prominent business executives from private and public sector companies.

Lasse has a unique ability to inspire enthusiasm in other people, challenge their beliefs and develop their leadership skills based on their individual personality. In this capacity, he has over the years had decisive influence on development processes and turnarounds in a large number of the biggest Danish companies.

Christer Gaardmand Zäll


Christer Gaardmand Zäll has worked with the Stifinder concept and mindset for over 15 years. Today he is the CEO of Stifinder, and you will meet Christer in his role as a coach during the Stifinder programme. He also very often works as a process coach in tailor made Stifinder leadership development programmes and strategy seminars. He is responsible for the general planning and coordination of the various activities in Stifinder and also takes care of the day-to-day contact with the clients.

Marc Drouin


Marc Drouin (Hawk of The Yellow Wind) has worked with native American Indian culture, tradition and wisdom for over 40 years. Marc is an internationally esteemed teacher and keynote speaker and external researcher at Aarhus University Hospital.

Marc joins the training team in Module 3 of the Stifinder Programme. Marc’s teaching is based on his great insight in people and the human nature and his enthusiastic way of connecting the Indian tradition and wisdom to modern business management and today’s living conditions.



Mikkel Schjøtz started out in the special forces serving as an army officer. Mikkel contributes to many of the activities in Stifinder, mainly in Module 2 where Mikkel creates a unique learning environment. Mikkel draws inspiration from both his past in the military, as an extreme athlete, and many years of collaboration with countless companies.


Facilitator - and marketing & Communication Manager

Nicoline Gaardmand is facilitator in our leadership development programs and has been part of the staff group since 2015. In 2019 Nicoline was HBDI certified ((Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator) by the Herman Institute Denmark. HBDI is a so-called preference profile and a tool to help individuals and organizations gain greater insight into their preferred thinking, acting and communication patterns.

Nicoline works in the office in Aarhus, where she is also responsible for all external communication in Stifinder, including news emails, PR and marketing, digital communication and social media.

Prior to Stifinder, Nicoline was employed by the company Øresundbron and was responsible for all communications aimed at the company’s Danish customers and made contact with Øresundbron´s partners.


Finance & Logistics Manager

Anders is part of the staff at the Stifinder office in Aarhus and responsible for the daily operation of the company. Since 1998 he has been responsible for accounting and administration in Stifinder and he takes care of the daily dialogue with the Stifinder coaches. Anders is also responsible for the practical planning of our many courses, meetings and activities.

Anders is responsible for the everyday contact to Stifinder participants, clients and partners.


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