The Stifinder Programme


A development programme that makes a difference

The Stifinder Programme is your leadership development education of choice if you wish to develop your leadership skills and your ability to manage complex situations, solve conflicts and define and achieve ambitious goals.

During the first module, you will start by creating an ambitious plan for your own future. Our participants in the Stifinder Programme tell us, that the learning they gain from the modules has a decisive effect on their lives – and that several years after completing the education, they still use the tools and insights gained.

The Stifinder Programme helps you develop a more natural way of working as a leader and a human being, and it actively affects your team and organization. During the Stifinder Programme you will unveil the natural behaviour patterns inherent in you and learn to use them in your private and professional life. This will have an active influence on your team and your whole organisation. Many of our former participants have created significant results for their companies.

The Stifinder programme is based on the general assumption that everyone has the resources to develop the sort of personal and leadership skills that enable us to create extraordinary results when we are true to our values. 

The Stifinder programme focuses on your identity as a leader. This means that your professional identity developed through your education and your skills and competencies developed through your career will be further developed and integrated in a personal leadership style that will create benefits for you, your company and your employees.

The Stifinder Programme consists of

3 modules

Module 1
The Stifinder strategy
In Module 1 you will be introduced to the Stifinder strategy and toolbox, and there will be time to practise using the various tools over the four days. Also, you will define a direction for your personal leadership development. You will draw up a proactive roadmap for the process leading to the achievement of your own ambitious goal.
Module 1
Module 2
High Performance Teams
In Module 2 you get to use the tools from Module 1 in more complex contexts. You will gain new insights and learn to develop high-performance teams – not only in theory but also in practice. Your learnings can be transferred directly to your everyday tasks as a leader.

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Module 2
Module 3
Authentic Leadership
In Module 3 you will learn to handle change processes and to define leadership behaviour. This includes psychological and mental barriers and limitations. You will learn to focus on identifying a larger purpose for your job as a leader.

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Module 3


Who can participate?

The Stifinder Programme is targeted at leaders and specialists at the point in their career where they wish to explore and refine their leadership approach and performance. The participants in the Stifinder Programme are usually very competent people in their specific field. Through the Stifinder Programme you will further develop and integrate your professional experience and competencies creating a more authentic leadership style which benefits both you, your company and your employees.

A Stifinder course will have participants with different background and from both private and public companies. Through diversity we create cross-functional inspiration and networks.

You can combine the Stifinder Programme with other master programmes such as MBA.

As of today, over 2,000 leaders from over 750 different companies in 20 countries have completed the Stifinder programme. You will find Stifinder leaders in LEGO, Jyske Bank, Siemens Gamesa, Ørsted, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, NNE, Nykredit, Hempel, Vestas and many other companies.