Master Class

For stifinders

The Journey Never ends...

Being a Stifinder is often described as a life-long journey. The changes and the benefits that the process brings can forever change one’s behaviour and way of looking at the world. We support this view by offering various Master Classes aimed at all those who have completed the three modules of the Stifinder Programme and who wish to continue and intensify the development they have begun.

Each Master Class represents a condensed course of 3-5 days, where you will explore in different ways your potential as a leader, your goals and your relationships with other people.

We are periodically launching new master classes as we strive for their content to continually meet the needs we experience among Stifinders. In the same way, we do our best to find inspiring locations that promote both learning, intensity and the networking opportunities that exist among Stifinders.

Transformative Leadership, Scotland 2023

We are thrilled to present a one of a kind Master Class that takes place in Scotland on a magical island in the Inner Hebrides. This Master Class is for you if you are ready to go on a mind-expanding journey that starts with you and the journey you have taken since Module 3.