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THIS EVENT IS HELD IN DANISH. You may occasionally experience a difference between the way you work and the way you want to work. At the same time, you may have experienced that you sometimes cope with challenges in a surprisingly good way. Is it just random games when you succeed this way? Or do you unknowingly grasp important internal resources that you have the opportunity to pull forward when there is something important you need to cope with.

This workshop focuses on High Performance. You get methods and time to explore your way of thinking and acting when you face important challenges. In just two days, you get the chance to uncover your personal high-performance pattern. With the right focus you can integrate your high-performance pattern in your way of working when facing difficult challenges.

The methods we use in the workshop are not rocket science, but logical thinking put into the system. Yet the methods are new for most people, and they have been proven to be effective tools for development.

Your coach at this workshop is Lasse Zäll, who for more than 30 years has worked with the development with elite athletes, coaches as well as several thousand managers and specialists, especially on the Stifinder Programme. The workshop builds on key theories and methods from the Stifinder Programme, and is for everyone who is interested in development. Not least people who have a desire to become better at coping with the challenges of your job and private life, for people who are do sports at an amateur or elite level, and for you who work in an organization that builds on the Stifinder methods.

About Lasse Zäll

Lasse Zäll worked as a professional mental coach working with athletes during the 1980ies and 1990ies. He worked as a mental coach for the Danish medal winning canoers Arne Nielsson and Christian Frederiksen in their golden world championship and olympic years. Subsequently, Lasse transferred his experience to the business sector and founded Stifinder in 1994. Through the years, Lasse has worked as a coach for prominent business executives from private and public sector companies.

Lasse has a unique ability to inspire enthusiasm in other people, challenge their beliefs and develop their leadership skills based on their individual personality. I n this capacity, he has over the years had decisive influence on development processes and turnarounds in a large number of the biggest Danish companies.

During the workshop you will work with the following three areas:

1) Proactive Thinking

During the workshop, you get training in thinking proactively and developing a way of thinking that is based on your goal for the future. It can make you free of the conditions that keep you stuck in a perspective.

2) Success Analysis and description of your High Performance pattern.

You will work with visualization and mapping of important situations in your life. By analyzing these events, you can identify the underlying resources that form the basis for a description of your High Performance pattern.

3) Implementation of your personal High Performance pattern

Based on an important goal for the future, you will prepare an action plan describing how you can make your High Performance pattern work in your everyday life in the future.

INspiration from Arne Nielsson

During the workshop you will meet Arne Nielsson, is a Danish sprint canoer who competed from the late 1980s to the late 1990s. Competing in three Summer Olympics, he won a silver medal in the C-2 1000 m event at Barcelona in 1992. Arne’s presentation is about High Performance, and about the time when Lasse Zäll was the mental trainer for Arne and Christian Frederiksen which then led to gold at ten world championships and silver at the 1992 Olympics. Arne will talk about how they used mental training and the tools that you are presented with at the workshop to achieve the goals they set themselves back in the 1980ies and 1990ies.

Information about the workshop

Date: 12th and 13th of August 2020.
Both days from 9am – 6 am.

Place: Vejlsøhus, Vejlsøvej 51, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark
www.vejlsoehus.dk / info@vejlsoehus.dk / +45 89212121

Price: DKK. 13,000.00 + VAT incl. Lunch, coffee, tea, water and cake. If you wish to stay overnight, please book and settle with the Vejlsøhus.

Age limit: Minimum 24 years