As a special initiative during this time we offer 1:1 online coaching for a limited time. For this we have gathered four personalities representing different elements from the Stifinder Programme.

Coaching can take place as individual sessions or as longer courses – and takes place online via Zoom, Teams or FaceTime.

Coaching is offered until 15th of April 2021.

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Lasse Zäll

Lasse Zäll is the founder of Stifinder, and since the 1980s he has coached prominent business people on both the managerial and the personal level.

In the coming period, Lasse offers coaching in relation to organisational, managerial, strategic or personal challenges.

Susanne Manly

Susanne Manly is master of Whole Brain Thinking ® at Herrmann International. For over 10 years, Susanne has coached from HBDI® profiles focusing on releasing the thought potential on a personal and managerial level. HBDI ® forms a bridge between thought and action, and can be used immediately in concrete challenges both in ordinary and pressured management situations.

Marc Drouin

Marc Drouin has had over 30 years of working with western leaders, work professionals. With his background and excellent abilities as a facilitator, he provides a unique and insightful angle to the choices we make in our lives and our
work. At The Stifinder Programme Marc joins the training team in Module 3.

 Marc’s teaching is based on his great insight and perspective about people and human nature as well as his observation of dynamics in our social contexts. Marc shares his enthusiastic way of connecting life experience and wisdom to modern business management and today’s living environment.

Tina Hjortshøj Bilsbo

Tina Hjortshøj Bilsbo is Stifinder, master coach, voice coach, teacher of public speaking, body language and executive presence. She has personal courses with, among others, business leaders, lecturers and researchers – and then she hosts some of Denmark’s best TV & Radio hosts.

For example, you can be coached on a current presentation you need to hold online. You’ll learn more about what signals you send out with body and voice, so you’ll be more precise about what you need to work with and how before you go “on” next. One of the things we work with, among other things, is: nervousness, authenticity, body language, voice, impact & credibility.