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Indigenous peoples around the world are currently being hit particularly hard by the corona epidemic. They need support to get through the crisis.

During a series of Zoom Talks in early spring, our collaborator Puma Singona and Stifinder Andreas Papadakis talked about their efforts in supporting indigenous people in the Andes mountains of Peru and the Maasai tribes of Northern Tanzania respectively.

We therefore open for donations. All funds go to these two population groups to which we have direct access through Puma and Andreas.

Learning and wisdom from indigenous cultures has always been part of the Stifinder Programme. Therefore, it’s natural to support when the crisis particularly affects these people.

We hope you will support this fundraising. Together we can make a difference.

Watch community leader Puma Singona – the significance and survival of Andean culture (2 min).


Out of the 10,000 inhabitants of the Chinchero district, 45-50 families in the remote mountain areas are severely affected by isolation and extended lockdown. All opportunities for earnings have disappeared and there is no access to government support.

These indigenous peoples are currently working hard to expand their agricultural production – thereby becoming more self-sufficient and independent of capital from the outside world. 

With winter just around the corner and limited access to education and health care, children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Donations will therefore also be used for warm clothing as well as medicine and educational materials.

On average, a donation of € 700 – equivalent to half a year’s income for these families – will contribute enough to ensure a sustainable agriculture and food production during the crisis and their life after.

Donations will be distributed to families in consultation with Chinchero’s local council, of which Puma is a member.

Clean water for Maasai people in Tanzania (1 min).


Through LoveSpring, we wish to establish a well at the local school in the village of Kiserian in Maasailand, Tanzania. 700 school children and an additional 4,000 people in the immediate vicinity will have access to a secure water supply. This means that young girls can receive schooling instead of having to walk up to 12 km each way to fetch clean drinking water.

In the context of the corona crisis, access to clean water means that the Maasai population can improve hand hygiene and thus prevent the spread of infection.

A full-established well costs € 11,500 and takes 5 – 7 months to construct. The well has a shelf life of 40 – 60 years. Maintenance is carried out by a local water committee made up of chiefs as well as representatives from women’s groups and young people from the immediate area.


Donations will be collected by Stifinder. All funds will go directly to the two projects.

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The fundraising campaign runs until August 14th, 2020.

Please contact us if you are interested in assisting in other ways than financially, or if you would like to hear more about the projects.