Privacy Policy

Personal Data – We take good care of your information!

At Stifinder, we have a clear policy on how we treat the information you provide us in a responsible manner, with respect for your privacy and, of course, according to applicable rules. For us, it is important that you are comfortable with how we store and use your personal data.

Stifinder respects all requests for confidentiality of personal information that you submit on the Stifinder webshop. In addition, we are aware of the need for appropriate protection and proper processing of your personal data. Stifinder records and processes personal data in accordance with the rules in force at any given time.

By using Stifinder´s webshop you agree that Stifinder will register and process your personal data in accordance with the following.

You can use our webshop without telling us who you are or providing personal information about yourself. Stifinder uses cookies (see more in the section below), but the use of our shop does not in itself entail the registration of personal data.

In order for us to trade and deliver goods, news and other services, we need certain personal information that you provide yourself, for example when you:

  • Make a purchase in Stifinder’s webshop.
  • Sign up for a newsletter.
  • Send an inquiry, complaint or give us feedback.
  • Provides personal information to us via our webshop or otherwise.
  • By submitting personal data, you agree that Stifinder processes the personal data, including that we:
  • Records the personal information you provide including name, address, telephone number, e-mail and any. Other information.
  • Records information about the purchases you make on our webshop.

Stifinder does not sell, transfer or otherwise disclose your personal information to third parties and does not store information about your means of payment, such as debit card numbers, bank account numbers or the like. The personal data provided is stored for 5 years to comply with the Accounting Act’s provisions, after which they are automatically anonymized in our IT systems.

The purpose of the registration and processing of personal data is to be able to deliver purchased goods to you, as well as help with any errors and shortcomings related to ordering and delivery.

You have the right at any time to:

Find out what personal information Stifinder has registered about you.

Get corrected incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant personal information.

Get your registered personal data transferred to a third party.

Ask to delete all personal information.

Where do we get the information from?

Your personal data comes from the information you have provided to us when purchasing on our webshop.

You don’t have to do anything
We inform you about these actions so you know that we comply with the new rules and take good care of your personal information.

Your rights
In relation to the personal data we hold about you, you have a number of rights that you can use. It concerns, inter alia, the right to know more about what information we have about you. You also have the opportunity to correct incorrect information and have your personal data disclosed.

You can always contact us to find out what information we have about you. Simply write to us at or call +45 87316700.

However, you may at any time withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at Stifinder. However, this does not affect the legality of the previous treatment, which is based on the consent prior to its withdrawal.

If you have any questions about how Stifinder processes personal information, they can be contacted at or alternatively by contacting us at:

Stifinder a / s
Marselisborg Havnevej 32, 2
8000 Aarhus C
Phone: +45 87316700