`PURPOSE, Passion & The Infinite game´

Master Class with Marc Drouin, Helene Drouin and Christer Gaardmand Zäll

Take your Stifinder training to the next level.

Continue your Stifinder journey and join this Master Class called `Purpose, Passion and The Infinite Game´ taking place at Marc Drouin’s home in the forest of Quebec, during the lovely autumn season. Here you will share four days with Marc and his elder sister Helene Drouin, who have both worked with native American Indian culture, tradition and wisdom for over 40 years. Together they will help you take your Stifinder training to the next level and elevate your understanding of yourself as an authentic leader.

“The more one learns how to stand in the center, the easier it is to walk. As we learn to walk, we can run. Then we can make leaps.” – Marc Drouin, Circle of Life (2017).

This is an invitation to take a step back from your busy lives and bring greater awareness about yourself, your work accomplishments and, not least, your purpose in life. You will experience a unique journey that will support your process, and inspire your path. A journey that sets down tracks and give clear directions for the individual, at work and in private.

Recent studies show that the future belongs to businesses and leaders with purpose. Many high-growth companies are aware of having a deep purpose in order to stay relevant in a fast-changing world. Therefore this Master Class will help guide you in finding your purpose as a leader and to find the answers to the big questions in life.

A focal point during this master class will also be about re-organization from micro to macro, and preparing people and organizations’ for the future shifts and changes that are now present and yet to come, and how to navigate with a greater sense of ease and flow.

“…to succeed in the infinite game of business, we have to stop thinking about who wins or who’s the best and start thinking about how to build organizations that are strong enough and healthy enough to stay in the game for many generations to come.” – Simon Sinek, author of the book The Infinite Game (2019).

A unique experience that sets clear goals both professionally and privately.

This Master Class offers you the opportunity to work in depth with your greatest possible potential as a leader and a person. A large part of the process will be addressing and owning our core identity. Also, an important element is bringing heart-based presence in all aspects of organizations and relationship dynamics.

The nature that surrounds Marc´s home creates a sublime reflection space. Here you will have the time and tools to reflect on what you find significant in your life; a life in which work and private time are in balance. A life where you have passionate commitment about the things that matter to you privately and at work. In our four days together, deeper awareness will increase, and you will work with yourself and the Stifinder tools from a new dimension.

You will take this home

`Purpose, Passion, and the Infinite game´ is an extension of the methods you learned during the Stifinder Programme and subsequently put into practice.

In these four days, you may experience:

  • A deeper insight into your purposed based direction and what’s standing in the way of your natural power as a leader.
  • Improved coaching skills to bring out the best out of people - in your team and organisation.
  • An intensive training programme to expand your leadership skills as a Stifinder.
  • Exchange of experience with other leaders.
  • With this Master Class, you receive a unique experience that sets clear goals both professionally and privately.


Marc Drouin, Helene Drouin and Christer Gaardmand Zäll are facilitators at this Master Class:

Helene Drouin is a student, and teacher of earth honoring traditions. She is the founder of Sisters of the Sacred Spiral, and has organized and facilitated women’s gatherings Across the U.S, Canada, and in Denmark and Norway. (she shares home both in US and Mexico)

Marc Drouin has been drawing on more than 30 years of work with leadership development in a western performance-orientated context, and has been offering his deepest purpose all his adult life. 

Christer Gaardmand Zäll has worked with the Stifinder concept and mindset for over 15 years. Today he is the CEO of Stifinder, and you will meet Christer in his role as a coach during the Stifinder Programme. 

  • 29th September - 2nd October 2020
  • Wakefield, Canada - at Marc’s home in the forest of Quebec
  • Four days: DKK 32,500.00 excluding VAT (including accommodation and meals – excluding air travel)

    Please note, registration is binding.